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Where do you “hail” from?

old treasure map  Migration studies have long been a key to studying genealogy. So much so, there are classes, lectures and book series written about it. Animals are not the only creature that migrate. Learning where someone is from, where they traveled and why is key to opening more doors in your genealogy research.

Today in the New York Times – an article on the US migration was posted and I found it very interesting, and thought I would share it with my readers.  The map display is more current and only covers since 2010, but very interesting when you look at your home state and where you or your fellow neighbors came from. Do look closer at the article, as there is a link of maps of migration since 1900 that may or may not help you in your own research.

I for instance live in Southern California, and although I have lived in a few other places, am a California Native. I thought I was one of the few left. According to this research, I am in the majority!

Where do you live – were you a transplant? or a native to your state?

One Leaf at a Time!

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