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Starting Your List

Starting your family history is simple. It all starts with you – just one person, one important person – YOU!

Grab a paper, your notebook, a computer or a tablet, and make a list of stuff you remember as a child. People, places, things. These will all help you to understand who you are, where and what you come from, and a bit more about the era in which you lived, live now and will grow into.
Your list will be added to, and change as you work on it. Don’t do details, just thoughts, one or two words is sufficient to jog your memories. To help you to remember what your life was all about.

Family History is just that – history – it is so much more than names and dates to be listed in a chronological order. There are people, and stories, personalities, and memories to be had. These are all so important to your heritage that follows you. Stories and legends is what makes up our history.

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