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Keeping a Journal

Call me crazy, but visiting office supply stores and book stores is my dream! I love them; I could spend hours in them, looking at all of the different gadgets and gizmos, books and binders, pens and puzzles. My husband and I were out on a date night tonight, and he suggested we make a stop, so I took the opportunity to go today and browse through the local Barnes and Noble to take a look at their “journal” section. Barnes and Noble actually has a nice selection of journals from the traditional “diary” style (with a lock that I had when I was a child) to the spiral bound 5×7 size notebook with a pretty design cover. They had them in all sizes, and even had some that were bound in leather and removable. I actually bought myself a new one today, and have a drawer full of them for various purposes. Today, I chose a spiral bound book with limited pages in it, hard cover though. It lies flat when open for ease of writing which I love!

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