Are you Swimming in the Gene Pool?

Help needed. Drowning man's hand in sea or ocean.

Today is another step towards researching my own heritage and genes. Over a year ago, to learn more and to jump into the new wave of DNA in genealogy and family history, I used myself as a guinea pig and took the DNA test. I have also studied and reviewed my brother-in-law’s DNA from 23andme to help him find his biological family as well as his own heritage. We are very close with his results! Although learning the language and the science of it all was a bit overwhelming to me. Who knew taking a week long symposium on DNA would make me feel like a insecure teenager in AP Biology class again?

Since the first test I have taken, I have learned that my heritage although out there, may not be as easy to find  since I am a female with no known male immediate biological relatives. My Brother-in-law on the other hand has a better chance and more options for him to determine the information he needs since he is a male. I am no expert on this, nor do I even want to get into the genetics here, as it is much to much to digest in just one simple blog post. I have taken classes, listened to lectures, attended two symposiums and I refer to the experts on this. I hope to one day completely get it, but right now I am still getting my feet wet with this journey. Although I have assisted in adoption reunions, I did it the old fashioned way. This opens a whole new door for anyone looking to make that leap, doing a surname project, or search for their heritage.

So to add to the journey, on the advice of CeCe Moore¬† aka the Genetic Genealogist, in her recent lecture for the APG – since I am an adoptee with unknown parentage it is better for me to “fish from all three ponds”. So I am diving into the pool at 23andme to see what surfaces.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on the DNA testing, have you done it? was it a success for you? would you consider it?

With the lowered pricing that is available now for all three of the “ponds” ; FamilyTreeDNA; and 23 and Me Kit Welcome23andMe; it is very fee sable for someone to do this research on their own lines. Each one offers different specialties and regions they test or have tested. Although they are moving forward quickly in receiving many more donations which means many more matches. In addition, some of these companies are letting you share the reports from the others to intensify and compare your results. I just recently did this with Ancestry to Family Tree and the results were two fold what I had found on Ancestry.

So Stay tuned for future posts on the Journey in the Gene Pool!

Remember…..all it takes is One Leaf at a Time!